Tahoe Mountain Lab in Powder Mag & SFGate

Although we've been really lax in updating our blog, we have been very lucky to have had some amazing coverage in the media recently.

In November of 2017, Tahoe Mountain Lab was featured in an article by Tahoe's own (and the founder of the Tahoe Mill) Megan Michelson, titled, "Coworking Spaces are Coming to a Ski Resort Near You: Are these new workspaces killing your ski days, or making them possible?" The article does a great job of highlighting both the pros and the cons of the new mountain remote workforce and what role coworking spaces may play, for better or worse. We hope that Tahoe Mountain Lab continues to be a positive driver in the South Lake Tahoe community by supporting flexible work options so our members can be productive, but also live a balanced life by taking advantage of the beautiful place we call "Tahome."

Read the full article at powder.com here.

Just this week, Tahoe Mountain Lab was also featured by SFGate.com, the online branch of the San Francisco Chronicle. The article, written by Michelle Robertson, is part of a series focused upon the movement of workers out of the San Francisco Bay Area. "A new breed of Skibum: Working for Silicon Valley, living in Tahoe" looks at a growing population of remote workers in the Tahoe region, their motivations for working from Tahoe, how they do it, and some of the challenges they and the community face as a result of that choice.

Read the full article at SFGate.com here.

These discussions are so important as the nature of how and where we work evolves.