Lakeview Lodge Desk Rental At Heavenly – Closed (but fun while we had it!)

lakeview lodge heavenly desk rentalWork like it never was before.....

In today’s world, it’s accepted that even while on vacation, connectivity is important to stay on top of work. We live in a digital age where work can come with us regardless of where we are, sometimes whether we like it or not.

Yet in the mountains, connectivity isn’t always a given. Skiers and snowboarders everywhere have found themselves challenged with Internet and cellular connections. Because of this, the inability to make important meetings has resulted in a lengthy download off the mountain or a delay in getting to the mountain, not an ideal use of precious vacation time. Working with limited bandwidth in busy and often loud cafeterias doesn’t always work, either.

Realizing that ski resorts uniformly lack the appropriate space in which to hammer out a few hours of work, the Tahoe Mountain Lab and Vail have partnered to give Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort an on-mountain solution: a ski-in, ski-out location in Lakeview Lodge, at the top of the California Tram.

With this option, you can purchase a day pass or membership for either of the Mountain Lab's locations, get your work done, and get back to your free time.

But what is coworking?  Coworking was born out of the idea of shared office space which, when shared, becomes more cost-effective and resource-protective for the whole.  Unlike executive offices, or business centers, coworking spaces take advantage of open office concepts that encourage ‘accelerated collaboration’ amongst peers. Coworking pins its model on community.

Mountain Lab, South Lake Tahoe’s only coworking space, was founded in 2014 in the City of South Lake Tahoe, not more than a 5 minute drive from the California Base of Heavenly Mountain Ski Resort.  Since our inception, we’ve grown from a small community of 20 to over 100 people. The Mountain Lab’s headquarters is now an eleven-thousand square foot former newspaper printing facility down mountain just off Harrison Avenue.   

In addition to unparalleled views of lake Tahoe, the Mountain Lab at Lakeview Lodge provides the space you need to work. You bring your laptop, which you can stash in a locker in the space once you’re finished, and you’re set up. Whether you need to prepare a presentation, participate in that video conference, or just take an important phone call, Mountain Lab’s got you covered.  With ample bandwidth and excellent cellular service, you’ll be able to stay connected when it matters most.

Access to Lakeview Lodge is via the Tram at Heavenly California Base Lodge.  Take Tram to the top and the lodge is to the left.