The Journey of Mountain Lab 2.0

Hey Everybody,

tml-seatAs many of you know we’ve moved forward on purchasing a 12,000 square foot building to house both the Tahoe Daily Tribune staff and Tahoe Mountain Lab.  It’s been a long journey, which started almost two years ago. In early summer of 2014, Scott Fair, local commercial real estate agent and friend took us to the building. At first glance, the building seemed far too massive for us to take on but we could see its amazing potential through the drab 1970’s décor.

It still seemed unlikely that we could manage a six-fold  jump in square footage so early into the life of Tahoe Mountain Lab, so the idea was put on the backburner.  Then, over the course of the next few months our private office product sold out and we developed a waiting list that was 10 people long. At the same time, our coworking space slowly but steadily filled up.  We had a new problem. We had no space in which to grow our revenue and profits. It was time to revisit the building idea with fresh eyes and new partners.  Jamie & I met Bernard and Cristi over 5 years ago when we started coming to South Lake Tahoe to recreate on the weekends.  We had a vacation home, and it needed some work done.  Bernard came highly recommended, lived in our neighborhood, and it became clear to me after working with him that he was a pro.  He was a natural first choice when I was trying to figure out the remodeling costs for the Tahoe Daily Tribune Building. The pleasant surprise was an offer for a partnership that has really made this entire project possible.


Over a year and a half since that time and we’ve completed half the building, and are working on the second half of our new location.  We’ve designed this project as a world-class business center and are raising the bar for what it means it work and live in Lake Tahoe. We are giving the Lake Tahoe business community a place they can be proud to work in. High-speed internet is just the start.  From carefully selected LED lighting to promote workplace health, retro features like the fireplace pictured below coupled with high ceilings and exposed ducting, we have designed a space that is modern and contemporary, and distinctly Tahoe as we view it. Stay-tuned, as progress on the front phase of our renovation moves forward, we’ll be sharing more about this journey. We also will be planning a grand opening party you won’t want to miss.  

~ David