Why Every Mountain Town Needs A Coworking Space

Lake Tahoe
A coworking space can provide you with the perfect balance between home and work. Coworking spaces can be very beneficial, even in a small mountain town. By now, as freelancers and small-business owners you’ve probably experienced the difficulties that come with working from home. There are the constant distractions, interruptions, and the combination of your working and living environment. A coworking space might be able to diminish some of your most common problems.

In this article we’re going to look at the benefits of a coworking space in a mountain town.

The Perks Of The Office Setup

Working at the kitchen table can be comfortable, but it’s hardly the place to sustain high levels of productivity. A coworking space can help you feel like you’re working in an actual office. Sometimes, the benefits of working at a desk and office chair can be greater than we think.

Can Give A Sense Of Credibility

Working in a coworking space can make your business feel more professional. If you’ve been working from a coffeeshop, kitchen table or couch, you’d be surprised at how showing up at an “office” every day can effect your work. No longer do you have to feel awkward answering client phones calls in a noisy coffeeshop.

Network Without Trying

Most coworking spaces are filled with creative professionals that can help bolster your business. Instead of having to attend costly conferences or forced networking events, you can meet you next potential business partner or even client, at the desk next to you.

Easy To Get Work Done, Even On Vacation

If you’re visiting the Tahoe area from San Francisco or Sacramento and you absolutely need to get work done, your options for a good work environment are very limited. A coworking space can provide you with an incredible alternative for when you need to dial in and get work done.

Makes It Easier To Sustain A Work/Play Balance

Whether you’re vacationing or live in the Tahoe area there comes a point when you’ll want to hit the slopes, but still get work done. With the proximity to the mountain that these coworking spaces offer you’ll be able to take a few turns before heading into the office.

As you can see, working from a coworking space can be incredibly beneficial for your business. The Mountain Coworking Alliance seeks to spread the availability of coworking spaces throughout mountain towns across the US. This is great news for skis and snowboarders who need to work when they travel.